Thursday, November 15, 2012


What have we?
Self-expression saves the day, again. Liberation through the joy of creative action; these, our first four releases. 

Limited, pro-press CDr editions, with great music, and "classy" packaging (albeit more d.i.y.), the kind of which you've come to expect from our mother label, Prison Tatt. Please see our special offer at the bottom of this post to buy the full batch of four discs, at a savings of 7 USD (four for the price of three; international customers save even more.) See our post from 11/12 for track samples, and our inaugural post from 10/20 for detailed descriptions.

With passion, and in torment, we are proud to present:

DREADLORDS [CDr, edition of 50, hand-numbered, sticker cover and insert]


DOPE [CDr, edition of 50, hand-numbered, sticker cover and insert]


GOBLIN WAR TRIO - Screaming Like a Hellhound Bitch [CDr, edition of 50, hand-numbered, sticker cover and insert]


BONDAGE - Mini-LP [CDr, edition of 50, hand-numbered, 2-sticker cover and insert]


Monday, November 12, 2012

Passion and Torment Series Batch No. I Drops This Week!

I'm uneasy with that term, "drops"—like a puppy's balls, is all I keep thinking—but it's industry speak, and you all know what I mean when I say it. 

Couldn't be prouder of this first batch of PNTS CDrs; an eclectic array, each release quite powerful in its own way.

Below are some full and partial-track enticements, for your previewing pleasure. Discs go on sale this Thursday, 11/15 (price tba), and there will be a special, reduced price for those interested in buying the full four at a single wallop.

Remember, these are pro-pressed CDrs, editions of 50, hand-numbered, with sticker fronts and xerox inserts, packed in mini white gatefolds.

Bondage - "Adentro"

Bondage - "En La Moto"

Goblin War Trio - "Palatial Bones"

Dope - "Untitled 2" [excerpt]

Dreadlords - "New Oaths"

Dreadlords - "Day of Return"

Hope you enjoy. More info tc later this week.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Over the last few years of doing the Prison Tatt label, so much good music has come our way, and too often it's a question of time, budget and manpower as to whether it comes out on LP at the "mother label." Anyone who runs an independent vinyl label knows that releasing an LP-record requires significant leg work and communication, in addition to the cost, and I'm an impatient fuck besides, so the PASSION AND TORMENT SERIES is borne out of necessity as much as anything, to keep pumping great music into the world; but, on this end at least—fast, more-easily achieved and relatively cost-effective. All titles are made in runs of 50 and packaged in generic, white mini-gatefolds with sticker cover art and xerox insert. These are pro-duped CDrs, with the artist's name printed in black text on a white disc.

Much respect and thanks to the bands! These are in no way "lesser" releases, as far as we're concerned; only in a different format, for all the reasons discussed above. All four of these first releases function very well as "albums," in the most-traditional sense of the concept, that the listener be taken on an intimate, visceral musical journey.

PNTS 01 

Dreadlords (BZ of T.O.M.B. and Panther Modern) - A very personal and detailed collage of sound and experience, incorporating harsh noise, black metal, eerie synth passages, power drones, anguished screams, and a whole lot more that's simply indescribable. A true excursion, dark and aggressive.


Dope - Two album-side long tracks of black metal art from Russia; depressive, hateful, yes—but also very much tied sonically to the sound of 60s-70s underground US/UK psych-rock; where bm and psychedelics cross paths, quite successfully.


Goblin War Trio / Screaming Like a Hellhound Bitch - Four thick, ever-expanding tracks of free-jazz/improv-noise/krautrock from this fiery Brooklyn trio, featuring members of Rust Worship, OPPONENTS, and Grasshopper; evocative as much of the Impulse! catalog as it is of The Faust Tapes.


Bondage / Mini-LP - Pounding bedroom garage-rock of the highest order, from Peru. Drenched in downbeat atmosphere, with simply amazing songs that recall 39 Clocks, Suidice, and the Messthetics bands. 

Song samples to come on all of these in a future post. 

We look forward to releases with Obscurer, Degenerate Slug, Terrier, and a Japanese-metal split, featuring Baaru and Ryuketsu no Masuta.

Please watch this space for updates, shopping cart, etc.