Monday, November 12, 2012

Passion and Torment Series Batch No. I Drops This Week!

I'm uneasy with that term, "drops"—like a puppy's balls, is all I keep thinking—but it's industry speak, and you all know what I mean when I say it. 

Couldn't be prouder of this first batch of PNTS CDrs; an eclectic array, each release quite powerful in its own way.

Below are some full and partial-track enticements, for your previewing pleasure. Discs go on sale this Thursday, 11/15 (price tba), and there will be a special, reduced price for those interested in buying the full four at a single wallop.

Remember, these are pro-pressed CDrs, editions of 50, hand-numbered, with sticker fronts and xerox inserts, packed in mini white gatefolds.

Bondage - "Adentro"

Bondage - "En La Moto"

Goblin War Trio - "Palatial Bones"

Dope - "Untitled 2" [excerpt]

Dreadlords - "New Oaths"

Dreadlords - "Day of Return"

Hope you enjoy. More info tc later this week.

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